20210618 Microwave, electron beam, plasma irradiation technology for polymer materials

Microwave, electron beam, plasma irradiation technology for polymer materials

Microwaves, which are radio waves, electron beams, which are accelerated electrons, and gaseous plasmas, which consist of charged particles, are irradiated with macromolecules to obtain various effects such as modification, reaction, decomposition, and recycling.

In this lecture, four lecturers who are active on the front lines will explain how they actually contribute to the industry from the principles and basics of these three technologies.

Organizer: SPE Japan Section 

Date: June 18, 2021 (Friday) 13: 00-17: 20

Place: Online by zoom

13:00-13:05  Organizer greetings


Title: Application of Microwave Technology to Polymeric Materials

Presenter: Keiji KIDANI    Microwave Chemical Co.,Ltd.


Title: Introduction of industrial application of microwaves and test equipment

Presenter: Tatsunori HANAI     Micro Denshi Co.,Ltd.


Title: Application of electron beam irradiation to polymer materials and its industrial use.

Presenter: Yasuyuki OKUMURA      NHV Corporation


Title: Surface treatment on Polymer materials using Atmospheric Pressure (AP) Plasma

Presenter: Eiji MIYAMOTO       Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd

17:10-17:20  Ending

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